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Cam Newton Still Being Unemployed is a Disgrace to Football

Rob Parker: “I can’t believe how Cam Newton is being treated in the NFL right now and I think it’s DISGRACEFUL.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he doesn’t understand why former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is still unsigned, as the 2015 Most Valuable Player continues to be the biggest name on the free agent board who still remains unsigned.

Parker called it a ‘disgrace’ that the 30-year-old still can’t find work, and says Newton was playing like an MVP candidate a couple of seasons ago before he suffered shoulder injuries that effectively ended any chance he had at performing at a high level.

Co-host Jonas Knox had an interesting theory on what he think Newton is still unemployed, saying he believes NFL teams haven’t forgotten Newton not jumping on a critical fourth quarter fumble in Super Bowl 50 that ended up costing the Panthers the game. Knox says the fumble paired with Newton’s antics after the game in which he stormed out of a postgame press conference permanently branded his reputation around the league with NFL executives.

Check out the audio above as both Parker and Knox discuss Cam’s free agent status, and speculate why he isn’t on a team yet.