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Stop Saying Michael Jordan is the Greatest 'College' Basketball Player Ever

Chris Broussard: “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is clearly the best college basketball player ever and after him it’s probably Bill Walton. I think Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and most people think that too, but I don’t even think he’s in the discussion for greatest COLLEGE player of all time. Magic Johnson tweeted that Kareem led UCLA to an 88-2 record, won 3 National Championships, was 3-time National Player of the Year, and 3-time NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player."
Rob Parker: “This is the problem when comparing players of different eras. People are blindly dismissing people they didn’t see play. They would have had to search Kareem's career in college. They know Michael Jordan and wear his sneakers, and thought if he was the greatest of all time in the NBA, then he MUST be the greatest of all time in college. Jordan wasn’t even in the first overall pick in the Draft!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss a recent 64-player poll that ESPN ran on Twitter all week that looked to crown the Greatest College Basketball Player in history, as the strictly social media poll included both men AND women from all eras.

Michael Jordan, who played at North Carolina from 1982-1984, was crowned the victor, in a result that was highly criticized by former players.

Check out the segment above as Rob and Chris blast the voters for picking Jordan as the greatest COLLEGE player ever, when there were arguably more decorated and deserving stars.