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Colin Cowherd Blasts 'Panicky' Media for Predicting a Suspended NFL Season

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(Full Video at Bottom of Page) Colin Cowherd: “Excuse me if I don’t buy into local sports reporters or national NFL beat guys telling us ‘FOOTBALL IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN BY SEPTEMBER 10TH!’ That’s over FIVE MONTHS away. We can’t even get the weather right five days out with radar helping us… Our government said we didn’t have to wear masks and then a couple days later it was ‘EVERYONE WEAR MASKS!’ The University of Washington has a COVID-19 model – they readjusted it today and there are 45% drop in beds needed in America. Almost half. EVERYTHING is changing, this is incredibly fluid, and nobody has any answers. The models are outdated an hour after they are out. The CDC projected 1.7 million deaths to start out, c’mon. Social distancing is a real deal. Keep doing it, do it soon, and do it often, but we don’t live in a police state. If you want to go for a walk, put a cloth around your mouth in the neighborhood if it makes you happy and do it. Everybody is talking about the NFL and whether it’s going to happen and NONE of us know. Here’s what we do know: In Europe they have flattened the curve, and NYC appears close to their peak flattening the curve… If you want to make a prediction on the NFL let’s get through April and May. NOBODY KNOWS… Don’t let Twitter guilt you into believing that you can't simultaneously be empathetic towards those who are dying, and also have a conversation pivoting to the economy, we gotta start it back up. The PGA came out today and they said ‘we gotta go out and do some tournaments, no fans, we’re doing them.’ THANK YOU GOLF, to grown ups, we’re pivoting now to real conversations… Twitter wants to make you feel guilty that you don’t wake up every morning and think the world is ending and that you don’t care about every single thing. I care about New York City, but America is not New York City."

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t agree with individuals in the media who are aggressively projecting that all professional sports leagues will be cancelled the rest of the calendar year, as the NBA, MLB, and NHL grapple with suspended and postponed seasons, and with the NFL next on the chopping block.

On Monday, the PGA Tour announced they were planning to host tournaments this summer without fans, in a move that potentially could have spearheaded more leagues to follow in their lead.

The coronavirus pandemic has put sports leagues in an awkward juxtaposition as athletics have been placed on the backburner to our public safety, and the biggest question still remains on when it will be safe enough for them to return.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the media needs to stop pushing for the NFL to cancel their season a full five months out from Week 1, as Colin believes the progression and sustainability of COVID-19 is one that is virtually impossible to predict at any one moment.