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Baseball Player Creates Joe Exotic 'Tiger King' Character in 'MLB The Show'

The Netflix documentary series "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" has taken the world by storm. It seems everyone has been captivated by the story of Joe Exotic, and now it seems Joe will be making appearances in more places than merely this streaming television event.

A Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer decided to create Joe Exotic in the game 'MLB The Show 2020.' Tyler Stephenson, a catcher for the Reds' Double-A affiliate, wanted a new right fielder for his team on "The Show." Stephenson decided to get very creative and knew that only one man was worthy enough to be created to join his team, a bizarre-looking player that resembles the real-life Joe Exotic.

Players all across the baseball world are clearly enthralled by the story of Joe Exotic and it has been a welcome distraction of the constant news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.