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Ric Bucher: LeBron James Doesn't Want NBA Season to Resume

Ric Bucher: LeBron James Doesn't Want the NBA Season to Resume
Jason Smith: “You said that LeBron is saying that he doesn’t want to play in front of no fans as a cover because he knows the Lakers will be at a ‘disadvantage’ in the playoffs. Talk about that for a little bit.”
Ric Bucher: “LeBron doesn’t want any part of this. The reason he’s had success is because he's been very calculated in how he takes care of his body and how he prepares for the season. Being 35 he’s been very conscious of that. If you take two months off and then you gotta start the engines up again at 35 -- and you’re not just going and re=starting the season -- you’re going from 0 to 95 as in playoff basketball. That is a dangerous proposition not only for LeBron, but for the entire Laker team… Does he want to come back and play under these wild circumstances? NO, and I don’t necessarily blame him, but don’t say it’s because you want fans.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to NBA insider Ric Bucher explain to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon his theory on why he doesn’t believe LeBron James wants the NBA season to resume, citing 35-year-old LeBron’s methodical training regimen that would be completely knocked out of a loop if the league decides to go right back into their season by June or July with a postseason.

Check out the audio above as Bucher details why LeBron would ‘want no part’ of a re-started playoff format, and is only going public saying he wouldn’t want to play without fans present in the arena because it's a fake front, and he really means he doesn’t want to risk getting hurt in a revived season that would put his aging Lakers team at a major disadvantage.