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COVID-19: Could Delayed NBA Season Win Kevin Durant and His Nets the Title?

Nick Wright: “If the NBA DOES come back, there is one team that is poised to potentially benefit from it in a totally different way from everyone else. It’s the BROOKLYN NETS. I know their GM Sean Marks tried to throw some cold water on this when asked ‘If the season started in July, could Kyrie and Kevin come back?’ KD would have been a full year removed from his Achilles surgery… The Nets signed KD and Kyrie to these deals believing they aren’t going to contend for a title in year 1, and it’s all about years 2 and 3. But because of this new NBA calendar, if we do get a season the door does creak open and Kevin Durant says ‘man, I’ve been ready to go for two months’, and Kyrie is healed, the Nets could become the most dangerous 7 seed that we’ve ever seen, and their window of contention is RIGHT NOW.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright explain why he thinks the Brooklyn Nets could become a terrifying NBA Finals contender if the league resumes its regular season and postseason during the summer.

The Nets are currently a harmless number 7 seed and four games under .500 at 30-34, but in the event of an NBA season reboot that would have the postseason scheduled for June, July, August, and maybe even September, Wright thinks the Nets could absolutely devise a plan to get presumed ‘healthy’ Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving back on the floor by then in attempt to hunt a championship.