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Nick Wright: 'Old Man' Tom Brady Was New England Patriots’ Biggest Weakness

Nick Wright: “The most interesting part of all the ‘Patriots linked to ____’ quarterback rumors is that we are finding out in real time that Bill Belichick agreed with my evaluation of Tom Brady, which is that the problem of the Patriots wasn’t their offensive line, or their receiving corps, or their lack of weapons, the problem was you had a 42-year-old quarterback who for the first time ever looked like an old man. You had a quarterback who was an average-to-below-average quarterback throughout the season, and the team and the offense was not good enough to make up for his weaknesses. Belichick clearly agreed with that by letting Brady walk away with no heir apparent in place.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright explain why he thinks the New England Patriots rightfully let Tom Brady walk in free agency, and why he believes Brady was the biggest reason why the Patriots had one of their worst seasons ever in the Brady-Belichick Dynasty.

Check out the video above as Wright details why it is so obvious to why Bill Belichick so adamantly let Brady leave, even without a reliable heir apparent, and why the entire franchise knew Brady was cooked at the age of 42.