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Chris Broussard and Nick Wright's Top 10 NBA Players Under the Age of 25

Listen to Fox Sports NBA mainstays Chris Broussard and Nick Wright debate their rankings of the ‘Top 10 Best NBA Players Under 25’ countdown.

Here was Nick Wright’s list:

10. Devin Booker
9. De’Aaron Fox
8. Trae Young
7. Karl-Anthony Towns
6. Jayson Tatum
5. Ben Simmons
4. Donovan Mitchell
3. Ja Morant
2. Zion Williamson
1. Luka Doncic

Here was Chris Broussard’s list:

10. Brandon Ingram
9. Ben Simmons
8. Devin Booker
7. Trae Young
6. Donovan Mitchell
5. Zion Williamson
4. Karl-Anthony Towns
3. Ja Morant
2. Jayson Tatum
1. Luka Doncic

The biggest issue between the two hosts was the rankings of Jayson Tatum and Zion Williamson, as Nick thought Broussard’s rating of Tatum was way too high, and Chris thought Wright’s ranking of Zion was way too high as well.

Broussard said the media is overhyping 19-year-old Zion at the moment because people aren’t taking into account how poor his defense and rebounding is, for a guy who doesn’t shoot the three well and a guy who doesn’t have a legitimate package of post moves.

Check out the video above as the diehard NBA fans get into a heated argument that obviously devolved into Nick and Chris arguing over Michael Jordan’s place as the NBA’s GOAT.