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Colin Cowherd: Bill O'Brien Has No Clue What He's Doing as Texans GM

Colin Cowherd: “I have defended Bill O’Brien as a coach but I don’t like him as a GM... I understood why he moved DeAndre Hopkins and I have tried defending O'Brien more than most. But now they have Will Fuller – who can’t stay healthy, Randall Cobb – who the Packers gave up on because he’s always hurt, Kenny Stills – who I like but missed 3 games last year, and Brandin Cooks – who has concussion issues. Are you guys just in the business of finding wide receivers who are NOT healthy?? Bill O’Brien is the head coach and the GM and he’s got way too much damn power. Essentially Bill O’Brien is the kid whose parents left him in the house for the summer and he’s lost control. They gave him some money and he’s spent all of it in the first three weeks and he's eating cornflakes for dinner now. He’s just making crap up and trying to cover his butt for previous bad moves. I don’t like it at all for Houston.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the recent Brandin Cooks trade that continued a bizarre offseason for the Houston Texans, who ultimately would lose fan wide receiver favorite DeAndre Hopkins and acquire names the likes of Cooks, David Johnson, and Randall Cobb in the process.

Check out the video above as Colin calls out Texans head coach and GM Bill O’Brien, as Colin says O’Brien is literally just ‘making crap up’ as he goes.