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Mike Krzyzewski Compares Zion Williamson to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

Coach K: “Zion is really smart. All the guys that you mentioned, [Magic, Kobe, Jordan], you’re not just talking about people who are smart off the court in preparation, they are smart in the moment that action is happening. I had an interview three weeks ago where I talked about Kobe and LeBron and coaching them on the Olympic teams. They’re brilliant at the moment it’s happening, and that’s unusual. I can be smart during a timeout, but when you have somebody who is playing the game and is not just smart about his or her play but the play of a unit, boy, you have something and that’s the treasure. All those guys had it and Zion has it… When people start comparing people, like ‘Who is the Greatest?’, a lot of times they don’t get into the area of what we’re talking about. The influence to make your teammates better at the moment is it happening is HUGE. All the guys mentioned have it and I think Zion has it too.” (Full Segment and Interview Above)

Listen to legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski join The Herd to talk about his experience coaching basketball phenom Zion Williamson in college, and when he first realized Zion was going to become a superstar not only in college, but in the NBA as well.

Check out the segment above as well as the full interview with Colin Cowherd.