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Rob Parker: There Was Zero Market For 'Washed King' Tom Brady

Rob Parker: “NOBODY WANTED YOU! YOU’RE THE ‘WASHED KING!’ Nobody wanted Tom Brady and the Patriots didn’t even make him an offer! NOBODY wanted a 43-year-old on a two-year contract!… He had that awful pick-six to end his career on the Patriots and had so many bad throws this year, especially against good talent. He ATE UP all those bad teams. They were the worst 8-0 team in the history of the NFL. He AIN’T the GOAT. Jameis Winston is thinking right now ‘THIS 43-YEAR-OLD BUM JUST TOOK MY JOB, AND ISN’T GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS WITH THIS TEAM.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker eviscerate recently signed Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, as Parker once again blasted the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Parker is already on the record ripping the Buccaneers for attempting a ‘money grab’ type publicity stunt signing Brady, only made to boost ticket and jerseys sales for a disillusioned fan base who has a tough time filling their stadium.

Tampa Bay won a Super Bowl in 2003, but has been one of the league’s worst franchises ever since, with zero postseason wins since that Super Bowl and last appearing in the postseason in 2007. Parker says expect the same playoff futility this season as well.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why no team besides the desperate Bucs wanted the 20-year-old veteran, and says Jameis Winston should be livid about losing his job to a ’43-year-old bum.’”