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Colin Cowherd Rejects Glowing Joe Burrow Endorsements and Comparisons

Colin Cowherd: “Boomer Esiason, former NFL quarterback, compares Joe Burrow to Lebron James! HAHAHA, okay. So, we got my buddy Daniel Jeremiah comparing him to Brady, an anonymous scout compared him to Peyton Manning, Joel Klatt compared him to Joe Montana, and Boomer is comparing him to LeBron. Two words, GOOD HELL! HE IS NONE OF THOSE!... Trevor Lawrence is 6’6”, rifle arm, huge hands, and a massive physical frame – that’s what LEGENDS look like at 19 years old. Burrow is 6’3” ½, 215, kind of a skinny neck, they say average arm, not a special arm, and his hand size is 9; below ideal hand size. He’s not physically blowing you away… Burrow doesn’t have the physical dimension. He’s a pro athlete but he’s not physically impressive… He’s not physically elite and he didn’t pop until his last year in college. That’s not the way legends work… He’s going to be a nice NFL player but we need to take a breath on Joe Burrow. He’s been compared to Brady, LeBron James and Joe Montana. GIVE ME A BREAK! He’s going to be Tony Romo. No titles, good kid, works hard, who gets his brains beat in by better organizations within the same division.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s getting tired of the glowing Joe Burrow comparisons rolling in prior to the 2020 NFL Draft that have seemingly anointed the former LSU quarterback as quite the legendary prospect to say the least.

Colin mentions how he’s heard comparisons of Burrow to the likes of Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and even LeBron James, and is befuddled how a non-gifted physical specimen who didn’t pop until his final season in college is getting all of this hyperbolic acclaim.

Check out the video above as Colin tells NFL Draft analysts to slow down with their gaudy projections of Burrow.