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Colin Cowherd Releases His First 2020 NFL Mock Draft

Colin Cowherd releases the first 12 picks of his 2020 NFL Mock Draft

1. Cincinnati Bengals

“Easiest pick on the board. They will pick LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. He had a great year, he’s a nice ‘B+’ prospect, they need a quarterback, here’s there, he’s from Ohio, he went to Athens High School in the plains, so Burrow goes to the Bengals.”

2. Washington Redskins

“Second easiest take on the board, although I do think Washington would have discussions about trading this pick. Chase Young is the all-time leader in sacks in a single-season at Ohio State – remarkable considering the Bosa boys went there -- and Washington is actually pretty good up front defensively and was top third in the NFL in sacks last year. I think Ron Rivera could engineer even more with this schemes. Chase Young is a once in every five years pass rush talent and they get him”

3. Los Angeles Chargers (via trade)

“WE GOT A TRADE! The Chargers and Detroit Lions flop picks, the Chargers up to 3 and the Lions back to 6, and the Lions get a corner from the Chargers AND two draft picks to move up to take Justin Herbert. In the last four NFL Drafts, of the 14 first round quarterbacks, 10 had teams move up to get them. I think the Chargers are sending out messages that they want Herbert without saying it. The four biggest games for Herbert last year were Auburn, Wisconsin, Utah, and Washington, and he played great or at least very well in all of them and came one play away from going 4-0. He’s NFL ready and he will sit for a year and then become the Chargers’ franchise quarterback.”

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