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Dan Patrick: Miami Dolphins Shouldn't Take a Quarterback in the NFL Draft

Dan Patrick (in the video above) has an idea for the Miami Dolphins as the NFL Draft approaches. He believes that, due to the injury concerns with Tua Tagovailoa and the unclear upside of Justin Herbert, it might be wiser for the Miami Dolphins to trade down from their pick and keep rebuilding their team.

Dan Patrick: "You're tanking for Tua, and so now you have three first-round draft picks. I know this sounds crazy, but if I'm the Miami Dolphins, I don't do anything crazy here. I wouldn't take a quarterback this year. How bout I trade down from the fifth pick? Now I get another first round pick; maybe I get another first round pick the following year, maybe I'm now in the 'Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes.' Miami still has a decent infrastructure there."