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Former MLB Superstar Indicted on Felony Charges For Child Abuse to Daughter

Former Rangers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim star Josh Hamilton was indicted on a felony charge for injury to a minor reports Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.Hamilton turned himself in to police and was arrested in October for hitting and scratching his daughter.

Jozelyn Escobedo of ABC 8 WFAA reports that Hamilton told his daughter to tell the judge "what a terrible dad I am" to ensure she would never have to visit his home again. Here is more from Escobedo:

When interviewed by Child Protective Services, his daughter told the interviewer that Hamilton started to assault and throw things at her after she made a comment that upset him, records show. 
The former baseball player is accused of throwing a full water bottle that hit his daughter in the chest. Hamilton then pulled a chair from under his daughter and threw it at her, a warrant says. Hamilton then allegedly took his daughter to a room, pinned her to a bed and repeatedly hit her on the back and legs, according to an arrest warrant. 

Hamilton has three children and court records show he is accused of assaulting the oldest. His ex-wife, Katie, has filed for a temporary restraining order on her daughter's behalf. Hamilton hasn't appeared in the majors since 2015 and played for the Reds and Angels over his nine year career.