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Rob Parker Says America's Love Affair With Football is a 'False Narrative'

Chris Broussard: “For the second time it looks like the XFL is done, and you have a theory into what this says about America and football?”
Rob Parker: “One of the biggest myths in this country is that people ‘LOVE’ football and that they don’t care what kind it is or the skill level, and they just wanna see somebody crack their heads and run out for a long pass even if they don’t know the players... It’s a MYTH and a FALSE NARRATIVE. People love the 'NFL', period and point blank. Stop with this ‘AMERICA LOVES FOOTBALL!’ America just folded two football leagues in less than a year! These guys had all the ballyhoo and all these national television deals, and I was being told ‘This time it’s going to be different because they have TV money!’ That first league couldn’t even pay its bills after Week 1! Fans love ‘NFL’ football and no one wants to watch football after the Super Bowl is over!" (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the traditionally accepted belief of football being America’s pastime in the 21st century is a massive myth, as Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the most recent evisceration of the XFL and the demise of another spring football league.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why the country’s obsession with football is a ‘false narrative’ and how the United States is simply obsessed with the NFL and its product and presentation, and not the sport of football itself.