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Odell Beckham Jr. Reportedly Wants Out of Cleveland

Colin Cowherd: “You know the source who gave me the ‘Tom Brady to Tampa Bay’ story? The same source just texted me… OBJ wants out. He’s been a good soldier and he’s not going to make a big deal. He’ll deny it and he wants to get along with everybody. OBJ has been a very good soldier in Cleveland. Has he been projecting on Instagram? Yeah, because he’s in the middle of nowhere and he’s a superstar. Let’s just say this – OBJ will not go public, and he knows Minnesota is a good place and he knows it’s a good fit. I’m just going to leave it at that.” (Full Video Above)

Colin Cowherd says the same source who tipped him off on the Tom Brady to Tampa Bay’ news, is now telling Cowherd that Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wants out of Cleveland after just one year.

The Browns were a popular pick to win the Super Bowl going into last season, but were arguably the league’s most disappointing team, finishing 6-10, and Beckham concluding the year with the worst statistical season of his career.

Not only does Colin’s source have OBJ wanting out of Cleveland, but Colin then starts connecting the dots for an OBJ exodus to Minnesota. Beckham’s mother was born in Minnesota and was inducted into the Minnesota State Hall of fame in 2017. Colin believes the writing is on the wall.

UPDATE: 2:01 pm ET Colin's source does not believe that Beckham Jr. will be traded to the Vikings.Video Below.