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Nick Wright Ranks His 5 Tiers of NFL Starting Quarterbacks

Nick Wright: “Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league by a very wide margin and arguably the most talented to ever play, and that’s why he’s by himself... That next tier are your five next best guys and your cream of the crop in the NFL… Onto your ‘franchise quarterbacks tier.’ These are the guys that if you have them, you hold onto the. But in order to win a championship with them you need them to be playing their best ball and you need a really good team around them... ‘Serviceable quarterbacks’ is a quarterback who doesn’t kill you as long you don’t pay him like he’s a great quarterback. He’s a quarterback who if you are going to win a championship with them you need an ‘A+++’ supporting cast… You’re more likely to win a Super Bowl or compete for a Super Bowl at this point in 2020 with everyone on ‘serviceable’ and above than ‘Too Old & Too Young.’” (Full Video Below)

Listen to Nick Wright present his five tiers of NFL starting quarterbacks as Nick goes all the way from GOAT status at the top of his pyramid, all the way down to ‘Too Old & Too Young.’

Check out the video above as Nick details which level quarterbacks can headline Super Bowl teams, and which ones have to literally be dragged by their elite supporting casts.