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Top NFL Prospect Jonathan Taylor Joins Clay Travis

Top NFL Prospect Jonathan Taylor Joins Clay Travis

The NFL Draft begins next Thursday, and Clay Travis is joined by one of the best running backs in this upcoming class, Jonathan Taylor. Taylor was a big time standout at Wisconsin, and set records during his college career. When the draft is completed, the team who adds this New Jersey native will be very happy.

Clay gets into an array of topics with Taylor. Taylor talks about how prepared he is for his next journey into the NFL thanks to his time at Wisconsin and the system that they ran. Clay asks Taylor which running backs in today's NFL does he try to compare himself to and mold himself after, as well as his new plans for draft night now that we live in this quarantined lifestyle. Speaking of being quarantined, Clay asks Jonathan what he's been up to the past month, other than his daily training.

Jonathan Taylor was a major standout at Wisconsin, and he was a standout on Friday's edition of Outkick the Coverage. The future sure does look bright for this talented back.

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