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Colin Cowherd: Michael Jordan is Most Underpaid Athlete in Sports History

Colin Cowherd: “Scottie Pippen was underpaid but Michael Jordan was more underpaid. Jordan signed an 8-year, $25 million contract in 1988 that lasted to 1996… Think about that, for 7.5 years the best player in the world won 4 titles, 4 Finals MVPs, 3 regular season MVP’s, and 6 scoring titles. And you think Scottie was underpaid?? Forget about the Bulls, Michael carried THE LEAGUE… Jordan is the most underpaid athlete ever.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Michael Jordan is the most underpaid athlete of all time, a night after Scottie Pippen’s infamously low contract was one of the biggest storylines of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary.

Jordan is now worth over a billion dollars for his shoe and apparel leviathan, but when Jordan was an active NBA player he only totaled combined career earnings of $93 million from 1984-1998 with the Bulls, and then 2002 and 2003 with the Washington Wizards.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Pippen was obviously criminally underpaid, but also why he thinks Jordan was the most underpaid player in sports history considering he was making practically chump change while acting as the sport’s most iconic living legend.