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No NBA Player Will Ever Measure up to Michael Jordan

No NBA Player Will Ever Measure up to Michael Jordan

Clay Travis is reacting to the first two episodes of "The Last Dance," the 10-part documentary detailing Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they went for a final championship run in the 1990s.

Clay absolutely loved the first two episodes and gives you his initial thoughts following Sunday night's premier. Clay claims that there will never be another Michael Jordan again in the world of basketball. Clay compares Jordan to Babe Ruth, in the sense of his mythology and what he meant for his sport.

Clay also reacts to one of the standout moments in last night's episodes, where Jordan was told that if he re-aggravated his foot injury, he would never be able to play again. There was a 10% chance of re-injury, and all Jordan could see was the other 90%.

This series will be must watch television for the next 4 Sunday nights, and Outkick the Coverage will be reacting throughout.

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