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The Last Dance Will Help Michael Jordan's Legacy Grow

The Last Dance Will Help Jordan's Legacy Grow

Dan Patrick reacts to the first two episodes of the Chicago Bulls documentary "The Last Dance" and how it is a human story about ego, fractured relationships and why winning doesn't cure everything. Dan says the documentary will be help grow Jordan's legacy and could change the way younger generations view him. Dan also dives into Jerry Krause's ability to build the Bulls dynasty and why Krause made the decision to rebuild even after winning a championship.

Dan Patrick: "I thought the first two episodes were really interesting, it’s just a reminder for a generation that grew up with Jordan but I’m curious how the new generation consuming Jordan is going to feel about this. If you’re under the age of 25 and you’re watching this when it’s all said and done how do you feel about Jordan now. But, Michael’s legacy will grow because of this because all it does is reinforce what we already knew."

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