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Chris Broussard Releases His NBA 'Greatest of All Time' Starting Five

Chris Broussard Releases His NBA 'Greatest of All Time' Starting Lineup

Chris Broussard's NBA 'GREATEST OF ALL TIME' Starting Five

Point Guard: Magic Johnson

“Magic Johnson but it’s getting closer. Steph Curry is on his heels, but it’s not going to be easy for Steph to catch him. I think he has to win another championship. If he comes back and leads Golden State to a championship without Kevin Durant and beats LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, that would be incredible and I don’t know how you would deny him as much as I love Magic.”

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan

“Who else but MJ, MICHAEL JORDAN. All you millennials out there who are screaming Kobe Bryant or LeBron being better than MJ better go watch ‘The Last Dance’ and you will see that Jordan is not only the greatest shooting guard of all time, but the greatest player, period.”

Small Forward: LeBron James

“I’m giving LeBron the edge over Durant. I wanna see Durant lead his own team. I know KD was the best player on his Warriors team but lead your OWN team. If he leads Brooklyn then he’s going to rise in the all-time rankings."

Power Forward: Larry Bird

“I know we always say Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward ever and that’s fine, but I’m going with Larry Bird because Bird played both power forward AND small forward. We have tended to think of him as more of a small forward but I’m putting him at power forward. He’s better than Tim Duncan, as great as Duncan was.”

Center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"I’m sorry Shaq fans, I love Shaq too. I had to give Kareem the edge over Bill Russell. Russell had the championships but not the individual stats. Over Wilt because Wilt had the individual stats but not the championships. Over Shaq because Kareem was a six-time MVP and Shaq was a one-timer, and Kareem won 6 championships and Shaq won four.”