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Draymond Green's Durant Comments Point Out Advantage Michael Jordan Had

Draymond Green's KD Comments Point out an Advantage Michael Jordan Had

Clay Travis is reacting to comments made by Draymond Green regarding Kevin Durant's last season in Golden State, and how Durant handled the questions about his future with the team. These comments came up due to the 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, "The Last Dance," which deals with similar questions that were asked of a number of people involved in that Bulls team.

Clay finds it interesting that this documentary is causing current players to compare that Bulls team to the current NBA, but one huge difference Clay sees from that era in the NBA compared to the current NBA is the complete lack of villains in today's game.

Clay argues that Michael Jordan had a huge advantage back then because there were so many different players that were willing to wear the "black hat" and be the villain while Jordan could slip on the "white hat" and be everyone's hero.

Clay believes one big reason why there is such a lack of villains in today's sports world is endorsement money. Great players, in all sports in this country, are getting paid so much money via endorsement deals, that it causes these stars to not want to be disliked in any way.

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