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Colin Cowherd Predicts Which NFL Stars Will Be Traded Next this Offseason

Dealt or Not Dealt? Colin Cowherd predicts which massive NFL trade will happen next.

Odell Beckham Jr.


“I would deal him but I don’t think he will be dealt before the start of the NFL season. I think they’re taking calls on it but my guess is that Kevin Stefanski wants to give him a run. It makes so much sense for OBJ. They have real needs on the O-Line and linebacker, and with Austin Hooper you have too many mouths to feed for young Baker Mayfield with a new system and a no OTAs. I would move him, but I don’t think they will.”

OJ Howard


“He only had one touchdown last year. If you look at the history of Bruce Arians’ systems it’s not terribly tight end friendly, and Cameron Brate actually had more targets, and more completions, and more touchdowns last year. Howard is a very expensive toy for a coach who doesn’t particularly use that position.”

Jamal Adams


“I would deal him but I don’t think he will be dealt before the season. My feeling is that he’s wildly explosive and he’s very popular. I could go either way on this, and Joe Douglas so far has said all the right things. I would deal him and I think he’s unbelievable. Douglas is really smart and knows that to get better at multiple key positions you HAVE to trade him, but it would make a big splash and I don’t think a first year GM would want to do that.”

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