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Dennis Rodman Says He's Praying For Speedy Recovery of 'Friend' Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman: "I hope it's just a rumor that Marshal Kim Jong-Un is sick. Hopefully I will find out more soon… There is still so much work we have to do between both the USA and DPRK. If he is not feeling well, I am praying for his speedy recovery, so that both my friends [Trump & Jong-Un] can continue towards a peaceful success."

TMZ Sports is reporting that Dennis Rodman has told them that he is ‘praying’ for the speedy recovery of infamous North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un, as conflicting reports have stated that the 36-year-old ‘Supreme Leader’ suffered catastrophic health complications from a botched surgery.

An online newspaper in South Korea first reported that Kim had undergone a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12th because of ‘excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork.’

A week later and the American media was reporting that he was in ‘grave danger’ from the botched procedure, with some news outlets even going so far to say that the leader was ‘brain dead’, and relinquishing his power to his sister. The reporter who broke the story would later delete the viral tweet that used the term 'brain dead.'

North Korea has denied all the allegations of their leader’s failing health.

Rodman, of course, has a bizarre history with the dictator, at one time being the United States’ highly unofficial ambassador to North Korea, and becoming the first American to ever personally meet with Kim Jong-Un.

It has been widely covered that Jong-Un is a diehard NBA fan, and was a huge fan of the Michael Jordan Bulls in the mid-90’s.

Jung-Un is said to have a souvenir basketball signed by Jordan himself.