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Doug Gottlieb Says Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Make Tampa Bay Bucs Any Better

Doug Gottlieb: Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Make the Bucs Any Better
Doug Gottlieb: “Rob Gronkowski hasn’t played 16 games since 2011. 2011! Do we remember why Gronkowski retired? Why did the Patriots become so run-happy? Because Gronk couldn’t get open anymore… Do I think he’s better than OJ Howard? Probably. Do I think he’s better than Cameron Brate at this point in career? I do not… Rest doesn’t take away all the surgeries, age, or wear off the tires… He had four operations on one forearm, he had ACL surgery, and he’s had two different back surgeries… They didn’t actually get better. Brady got more comfortable, that helps, but they didn’t get better. They still don’t have an underneath threat that he’s going to love, they don’t have a running back, and they don’t have a right tackle.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got any better as a team after the shocking Rob Gronkowski trade, despite getting a big boost not only around media circles, but in the betting markets as well.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why Gronkowski is still a massive injury liability, and not your average 30-year-old when it comes to wear and tear, saying just because Gronk took a year off doesn’t mean he’s less susceptible to injury.