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Likely #1 Draft Pick Joe Burrow Makes Appearance on Outkick

Likely #1 Draft Pick Joe Burrow Makes Appearance on Outkick

Joe Burrow, the presumptive number one overall pick in this year's NFL draft was featured on Outkick the Coverage this morning. Joel Klatt went on assignment for Outkick the Coverage and has a conversation with the Heisman Trophy winner on behalf of Clay Travis and the program, presented by Lowe's.

Klatt asks Burrow about a number of different things ahead of Thursday's draft. What has Burrow been doing during these strange times to make sure that he's ready for his next step in his football journey? What are the things he has been working on the most? How does it feel to be looked at as "the anointed one" after such a stellar season at LSU? Klatt also asks some questions going back to his college days at Ohio State.

By all accounts, Burrow is a lock to head to Cincinnati to start his NFL career, and we will certainly all be watching as he turns around the fortunes of the Bengals.

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