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NFL Draft Expert Blasts Justin Herbert, Says He's Not a First Round Pick

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon

Joel Klatt: “If I were making the decisions, I would not draft Justin Herbert in the first round… Skillsets don’t necessarily equate to success in the National Football League. The bottom line in this league is that you have to throw the ball on time and on target, and most of the time those are anticipatory throws --- which were the biggest area of struggle that Herbert has. He is a blunt force instrument; he is not surgical. He makes the wrong decisions quite often but he gets away with it at the college level because he’s got such a talented arm. I don’t think he’s going to be afforded that opportunity when he gets to the NFL… I want guys who make much better decisions and ‘pass’ the football, rather than ‘throw’ the football. Here’s the difference -- there are guys out there who are such talented throwers of the football, and that’s all well and good. They hypnotize people like you [talking to Colin Cowherd], but I want people who PASS the football, and know how to attack the defense, anticipate throws, and pass the football with a great amount of efficiency.” (Full Video Below)

Listen to Fox Sports college football announcer and NFL Draft analyst Joel Klatt join The Herd to offer a stern scouting report of quarterback Justin Herbert.

Despite Herbert being widely expected to be selected in the top 10 of Thursday’s Draft, Klatt says he wouldn’t even draft the former Oregon star in the first round.

Check out the video below as Klatt details to Colin Cowherd why he thinks Herbert has the same types of talents that guys like Jamarcus Russell, Jeff George, and Kyle Boller had, where teams are foolishly enamored with a quarterback with elite arm skill sets that have never translated to a high level of decision-making.