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Colin Cowherd Selects His Biggest Winners and Losers of 2020 NFL Offseason

Colin Cowherd’s Biggest Winners and Losers of the 2020 NFL Offseason (FULL Video Above)


“Tom Brady, yeah, I’d say that is an upgrade at quarterback. Then I thought they got the best offensive lineman at the best spot at 13, Tristan Wirfs. Then they get a starting safety and running back from the SEC; maybe you’ve noticed that those guys usually work in this league. This offense is better today. Brady, Gronk, a starting safety, a starting right tackle, and probably a starting or backup running back. Tampa Bay gets an ‘A.'"


“People are sometimes afraid to say this, but they need to. BILL BELICHICK IS LOUSY AT THE DRAFT. The Patriots get an ‘F’. Just say it. Seven different graders gave the Patriots a ‘B’. You didn’t watch any of those guys outside Michigan Wolverines players even play. Is this league becoming a ‘playmaker’ league? Because Kansas City and San Francisco had some playmakers. New England has no playmakers, and they didn’t get a single playmaker with any of their picks. Aren’t they one of the slowest offenses? They didn’t get offensively faster. They lost Tom Brady and their answer was not drafting a quarterback, and getting Brian Hoyer.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd issue his offseason grades for NFL teams with the Draft now concluded, and the free agency period already hitting its climax, with just Jadeveon Clowney and Cam Newton as the only two notable players left on the board.