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Historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield Trolls Houston Astros' Cheating Scandal

The historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield, California is joining the many other people that are expressing their feelings about the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Earlier this week, a special message was spotted on their marquee sign.

Never Forget. Houston Asterisks. Let’s Go Dodgers!” the sign reads from a photo shared by KGET anchor Alex Fisher.

The theater, which originally opened in 1930, has hosted many notable performers from B.B. King to George Carlin to Ice Cube. The performing arts center closed in 1977, briefly re-opened in 1983-1984, before fully operating again in 1994. Without performances to promote during the coronavirus pandemic, they have found a unique marketing campaign.

The Houston Astros remain the theme of baseball jokes and Dodger ire since their 2017 cheating scandal was revealed to the public comments by Mike Fiers in The Athletic last November. As Dodger fans don’t need to be reminded, the Astros defeated the Dodgers in seven games during the World Series in which they used illegal sign-stealing techniques to gain an unfair advantage.

Reports indicate that MLB is optimistic about a 2020 season, but the question is how the schedule and logistics will look? Whenever baseball returns, it will be interesting to see how teams react to facing the Astros for the first time since their scandal was revealed.