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Charles Barkley: Jerry Reinsdorf Broke Up Jordan's Bulls, Not Jerry Krause

Dan Patrick: "Jerry Krause was portrayed as the villain in 'The Last Dance' because he took it apart..."
Charles Barkley: "He didn't take it apart. Anyone who thinks that is a fool. That was all orchestrated by Jerry Reinsdorf. The notion that that little man broke up the Bulls is asinine and absurd. Jerry Reinsdorf broke up the Bulls because he didn't want to pay anyone. He only paid Michael for the last two years. When he had Michael at a bargain he was happy. He didn't want to pay Michael and he had Scottie on a great deal. He broke up the Bulls strictly because of money. To try to make Jerry Krause to be the bad guy...I thought that was very disingenuous by Jerry Reinsdorf."
Dan Patrick: "I agree. After I watched the first two episodes I questioned why Jerry Reinsdorf had no blood on his hands in it?"
Charles Barkley: "That's the way he is...he's the silent assassin. If Jerry Reinsdorf wanted the Bulls to stay together they would have stayed together."

Listen to NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss a false narrative in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary that is portraying Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause as the saboteur in the leveling of one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history.

Barkley says anyone who thinks Krause killed off the Bulls is a ‘fool’, and says all the blame goes on Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who Barkley said ‘didn’t wanna pay anyone.’

Check out the interview above as Barkley tells Dan Patrick that is was ‘disingenuous’ for by Reinsdorf to throw the late Krause under the bus when he knows he himself was the one who got cheap.