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Colin Cowherd Says 'Pain in the Butt' Aaron Rodgers is Not a Victim

Colin Cowherd: “Packers fans are a very strange group. if you ever criticize Aaron Rodgers, Aaron is always the ‘victim’ and we’re all just picking on Aaron. Nobody ever picks on Drew Brees or Tom Brady, Aaron is the only quarterback in the league who everybody is just picking on!! Whoever criticizes Aaron is who the Packer fans attack. His brother ciritized Aaron and you called him a ‘loser’. His dad criticized Aaron and you said ‘he’s just sponging off him!’…‘Greg Jennings is bitter!’… It’s always blame the messenger. Why doesn’t this criticism happen to other quarterbacks? Are we just picking on Aaron? Everybody seems to like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Jared Goff, and Drew Brees. It’s like you think we’re making stuff up with Baker Mayfield, or Baker just has lousy judgement. Do you think we’re making stuff up about Aaron or is he passive-aggressive, prickly, difficult to get along with, and has a big ego? Everybody likes Green Bay, and no one picked on Favre all the time. Certain people wanna play the victim and Packers fans always blame the messenger… I don’t think people are victims, I think it’s their reputation over the course of 5-10-15-20+ years.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent Aaron Rodgers article that suggested that the Packers may have drafted a quarterback in the first round out of spite towards Rodgers, and that the coaching staff has grown tired of the 36-year-old.

Colin says this is just another case of intimate details leaking that paint Rodgers out to be ‘passive-aggressive, prickly, and difficult to get along with’, and says the Packers fans need to stop making excuses that the media is ‘picking on’ Rodgers, and realize that mostly everything they’ve said about Rodgers is 100% accurate.

Check out the video above as Colin says Green Bay fans need to stop playing the victim card with Aaron.