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Sorry Packers, Aaron Rodgers is Untradeable

Sorry Packers, Aaron Rodgers is Untradeable
RJ Bell: "This year if Aaron Rodgers is not on the team, it creates an over $50 million dead cap hit. It's untenable. Trading him is not an option. Next year, $30+ million. Again, not an option. Here's what interesting, Jordan Love, they have control of him for 5 years with the fifth-year option. So the theory is by year 3 (he'll be ready). Year 3 it would be $17 million dead cap hit. Now that's not nothing, as they say, but Brady was $13 million this year. And then before the year 4, it's less than $3 million. So pretty much, Aaron Rodgers is impossible to trade this year, impossible to trade next year, or cut, not that they would. Year 3, becomes doable. Year 4, becomes very doable. And what's interesting is year 3, and Jordan Love's maturation in theory in year 3, would be synced up." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to RJ Bell explain why a potential scenario of the Green Bay Packers trading quarterback Aaron Rodgers is essentially impossible considering the catastrophic financial implications that would it entail in the event of their being irreconcilable differences between Rodgers and Packers management.

Drafting Jordan Love in the first round certainly didn’t trigger any warm and fuzzy feelings Rodgers might have about taking a younger quarterback under his wing, and neither did reports days later that said the team might have made the pick not only to find a potential successor for Rodgers, but to garner the team more leverage moving forward should Rodgers and the coaching staff continue their combative relationship.

Check out the audio above as RJ explains what roadblocks the Packers would face as some in the media have floating teams like the Bears and Broncos out there as potential landing spots for the 36-year-old Rodgers.