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Who Should Bear the Risk of Financial Loss for Games Not Airing on TV?

Who Should Bear the Risk of Financial Loss for Games Not Airing on TV?

We haven't had live sports on television for some time now, and Clay Travis is asking a question that not many others are asking. Who should bear the risk of loss when all of these sports leagues aren't playing their games? There is so much money involved when it comes to the major sports leagues and television, and with no games actually on TV, this situation is becoming increasingly more difficult.

There are many cable and satellite companies that are starting to balk at paying full price to companies like ESPN since there are no games on television. Clay breaks down the path of how money travels from the fans, to the cable and satellite companies, to the sports networks, and eventually to the teams and players.

As of right now, the fans, who are paying for live sports through their cable subscriptions, are the ones that are really bearing the risk of loss, because they are still paying full price for their subscriptions even though there are no live sports. Clay goes into detail on this very complex issue. He asks the Outkick crew for their take on this situation and finds a good comparison to bands and cancelled concerts.

Clay takes calls from around the country, and also puts up a poll question on Twitter where thousands are voting. Who should bear the risk of loss for games not airing on TV? The fans? The players and teams? The cable and satellite companies? ESPN, FS1, and NBCSN? Clay's Twitter poll was in agreement, for the most part, that it shouldn't be the fans, as only 6% chose that option.

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