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The Real Reason Cam Newton Still Hasn't Been Signed By Any Team Yet

Doug Gottlieb: “No one knows if Cam Newton is healthy, no one knows if he can stay healthy, it’s hard to assume that Cam can play like he used to because he’s sustained so many injuries, and it’s hard to understand if he can play like a drop-back passer because he's never really been one. He’s not accurate, and out of all his former personnel with Carolina, coaches and GM’s, NONE of them have reached out to Cam Newton. No one knows how much money he wants… But because he’s so popular on social media it seems so unbelievable that he’s not on a team… How about D’Angelo Russell? Man, D’Angelo Russell is a baller! He’s so great!... D’Angelo Russell averages a lot of points and averages a lot of assists, looks like he’s improved, and was a replacement All-Star two years ago. He’s SOOO regarded in the real world of the NBA, not the ‘fake world’ of social media that he’s been traded by the Lakers because they wanted to get better, the Nets let him walk in free agency, then he goes to the Warriors and they move him because now they’re actually ready to get good at basketball. Social media is not the real world, and we’re figuring that out with Cam Newton and D’Angelo Russell.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he think Cam Newton is still a free agent, and why he thinks the overwhelming support towards the former MVP getting a raw deal from the NFL is simply a social media movement that is not echoed whatsoever in football circles.

Check out the video above as Doug details why Cam may still be an elite quarterback according to social media, but not one in the real world where contracts are given out.