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Colin Cowherd's Over/Under Win Total Predictions For Every AFC Team in 2020

Colin Cowherd’s Over/Under Win Total Predictions for Every AFC Team (all win totals provided by Fox Bets)

Bills, Over or Under 9 Wins?

“I think this is a PUSH. I think the Jets and Dolphins are considerably better. I think they have gotten better with Stefon Diggs, but they're not surprising anybody anymore, and I think they're a target now in this division. They did keep both coordinators, and I think we forget that 9 wins in the NFL, with Josh Allen still a young quarterback would be terrific. The AFC is better now than it was yesterday, and there are some new quarterbacks around the conference. I think Buffalo is a 9-win team and probably wins the division."

Dolphins, Over or Under 6 Wins?

“This feels like an OVER to me. First of all, they got much better defensively with Byron Jones, Kyle Van Noy, and Shaq Lawson. They got Tua, Matt Breida, and Jordan Howard the running back. They were a very good team at the end of the season last year, and I do like whenever a college or pro team plays well at the end of a season. They won 5 of their final 9 games and have turned over about 30% of their roster in the last 18 months. They're an OVER."

Patriots, Over or Under 9 Wins?

“UNDER. Jarrett Stidham has thrown 4 passes in his career, and one of them was a pick 6. They've just lost too many people who can score. They lost Tom Brady, they lost Gronk, they lost Stephen Gostkowski, and they just got cheaper and younger on defense. Kyle Van Noy is gone, Jamie Collins is gone, Danny Shelton is gone, and they did not play well at the end of the year last year. It feels like a reboot to me, and it would be Belichick's greatest coaching job ever in an improved division if they could win that many, but I think they're UNDER 9.

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