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Every NFL Quarterback's Dream Franchise Based on Their Personality

Colin Cowherd: “Here the quarterbacks and their traits, and who in a perfect world would get them.”

Aaron Rodgers

“He’s a celebrity, he’s handsome, he’s a little aloof, he’s a little cool… He should be the LA RAMS quarterback. If they did a movie about the LA Rams and they needed a quarterback it would be Aaron Rodgers. They would get him, they would understand him, and he feels like LA. They always joke that LA is a place where people move when they think they’re too good for their hometown. Aaron looks, feels, and plays like an LA Rams quarterback.”

Patrick Mahomes

“He’s dynamic, flashy, aggressive, and a star. DALLAS COWBOYS. This is an aggressive franchise and flashy, sometimes to a fault.”

Baker Mayfield

“Questionable judgment, cocky, ‘good times’ guy , high risk & high reward factor. He should quarterback the RAIDERS and would totally fit in Las Vegas.”

Tom Brady

“Wealth, status, he’s a pretty ‘traditional’ guy, he’s big. NEW YORK GIANTS. He’s a blueblood quarterback and that’s the ultimate blue blood franchise.”

Jimmy Garoppolo

“Free-spirited, fun, youthful, he’s got style, the ‘look’. MIAMI DOLPHINS. He does kind of remind me of Dan Marino. I always felt like Marino felt like Miami. Good looking guy, had style, kind of loose, and was a little bit of a free spirit.”

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