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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Joins Clay Travis as the State Reopens

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Joins Clay Travis as Oklahoma Begins Opening

Clay Travis is joined by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to discuss a number of different topics, all involving the Coronavirus situation in America and in his state of Oklahoma. The beginning of the intersection of the Coronavirus and the world of sports took place in Oklahoma City when the Thunder and Jazz were scheduled to play until Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19.

Governor Stitt was in attendance for that game, and he details to Clay the timeline of that night as he was in the building, making various phone calls, including to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and eventfully helped make the decision to cancel that game. Shortly after that, as we all know, the NBA suspended their season.

Clay then asks Governor Stitt about a return to some sort of normalcy in his state. Governor Stitt talks about the importance of getting students back in school, both in higher education as well as the common education system. Clay also asks about Stitt's decision making process in not making his entire state stay-at-home, and now, reopening a number of businesses, which begins today.

Finally, Clay gets into the return of sports in the state of Oklahoma. Governor Stitt believes sports coming back into our lives is a huge deal for life getting back to some sort of normal, and he would love to see college football in the great state of Oklahoma this coming fall.

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