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BJ Armstrong: Modern NBA Superstars Wouldn't Dominate Michael Jordan's Era

Listen to former Chicago Bulls teammate of Michael Jordan, B.J. Armstrong, join The Jason McIntyre Show to debate with Jason the difference between Jordan era’s and LeBron James’ era when it comes to the players of both generations going back in time, or jumping to the future, and which ones would be elevated and which ones would wane.

Armstrong was a member of the Bulls from 1989-1995, and was apart of the team's three-peat alongside Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary has interjected the Jordan vs. GOAT debate with a shot of adrenaline that has both sides of aisle fighting tooth and nail for respect.

Mainstream media pundits made headlines the past few weeks as the 5-week series continues, with Fox Sport Radio’s Chris Broussard saying he thinks Jordan would average ’40 a night’ in today’s NBA, former NBA player Jalen Rose going so far to say that Jordan would average ‘around 47.5’, and ESPN’s Michael Wilbon saying that modern stars like LeBron and Kevin Durant wouldn’t dominate the 80’s and the 90’s in an era of the Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, and Bulls dynasties.

Listen to the interview above as Armstrong gives a detailed rebuttal to McIntyre, as Jason says it’s ‘embarrassing’ when people in the media try and act like modern stars couldn’t dominate Jordan’s era. Armstrong’s answer may inspire even the most hardened LeBron Stan.