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Dennis Rodman on Guarding LeBron James: "I Would Have Locked His A** Up"

Overtime Sports: “So, my last question. Can you lock up LeBron? In your days?”
Dennis Rodman: “You know who could lock up LeBron? Me, Mike, and Scottie could.”
Overtime: “Scottie Pippen would have locked up LeBron?”
Rodman: “F*ck yeah. I would have locked his a** up. LeBron is so easy to play. He’s so f*cking easy to play, he don’t have any moves. Only move he has is streak down the line. He ain’t got no moves. Where he going?? Where is he going that’s quick?”
Overtime: “Straight down hill and just jam on you.”
Rodman: “That’ll be sh*t, you can stop that. Scottie Pippen would have shut his f*cking a** down quick before I get to him. His game is too simple, he’s just big. I’m 260 and 6’8” and 6’9”, that’s the only thing he got pretty much. I played against guys 7-foot, 300, so it doesn’t really matter.”
Overtime: “What about KD?”
Rodman: “KD, same thing. Once you get to know people’s game, it’s very easy to play them. They just long and tall."

Listen to this 2019 interview Dennis Rodman had with Overtime Sports, where Rodman told Overtime that he would have ‘locked up’ LeBron James if he had guarded LeBron during the prime of Rodman's career.

Rodman has been one of the biggest focal points of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, as the 5-week series is shedding light on not only on Rodman’s iconically flamboyant career off the court, but his underrated legacy as one of the NBA’s greatest rebounders and on-ball defenders of all time.

Check out the interview above as Rodman details why he thinks LeBron is ‘so f*cking easy to play’, and why LeBron’s game is ‘simple’ because he ‘doesn’t have any moves.’