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COVID-19: Former Player Says MLB is Targeting July 1st as its Opening Day

The month of May is just starting, and we have yet to see a single MLB game played due to the spread of the coronavirus which shut down sports all throughout America. Fans are looking everyday for any good news should be relieved to hear that the league is considering returning over the summer, according to Trevor Plouffe.

The former Minnesota Twins third baseman and current Jomboy Media podcaster thinks that a revamped form of Spring Training will start on June 10, while "Opening Day" will take place on July 1. Plouffe's transition from player to media means he might be decently sourced, and it is certainly extremely encouraging news if the MLB is considering moving forward with this plan.

However, we will have to hear an official word from Major League Baseball whether or not all the information that Plouffe is providing on Twitter is accurate. This could be the start to baseball coming back mid-summer.