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Colin Cowherd Commends Michael Jordan For Wanting to Stay Out of Politics

Colin Cowherd: “Why do we make athletes be politicians? I’m not one of these people who believes ‘stay in you lane'. I’m not saying that and I think you can go in any lane you want. You don’t have to stay in your lane but you sure as hell have the right pick YOUR lane and not have to stay in anybody else’s lane. It’s really easy for ‘average’ guys to have courage politically. Average football players, average basketball players – you’re AVERAGE, you’re REPLACEABLE and you have NOTHING to lose, bruh. Michael was representing Nike and McDonald’s and was the face of the NBA. It is easy for the garage band to lament corporate America but what if you’re The Eagles in your prime, U2 in your prime, or JZ in your prime and you’re dealing with $175 million and dealing with corporate entities? Michael was not just representing Michael, he was representing Nike, McDonalds, the league, and the Bulls. He mattered more and you have to consider that… It’s incredibly unfair to demand certain athletes have to choose a lane. Outside of LeBron, how many NBA players are politically active? Almost none.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he supports Michael Jordan for his historically neutral involvement in politics, as ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary recently shed light on Jordan’s notorious ‘Republicans Buy Sneakers Too’ comment from 1990.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he doesn’t understand why society puts such an emphasis on star athletes HAVING to show their political alliances and wear them on their sleeves, when these athletes have a right to stay in their own lane, not only because politics might not be their strongest topic, but because they have a lot more riding on their ‘opinions’ then the 12th man off the bench.