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Colin Cowherd Hails Michael Jordan For Being 'Real' in World of Phony Stars

Colin Cowherd: “Some sportswriters are looking for soft happy endings to this or a ‘new’ Michael. Michael has been completely authentic. He hates Isiah – did then and does now, and doesn’t back away from it. Michael is business first over politics, then and now and doesn’t back away from it. Michael gambled then and now and doesn’t back away from it. Critiques of Jerry Krause – ripped him then, and rips him now. Sorry, this is not a movie where the great villain learns about himself and by the end of the movie he’s a better person. That’s called a ‘movie.’ This is a ‘documentary’, which are supposed to be real and authentic looks at the primary story… I respect Michael more now because he's not a 'BS-er.' We're seeing that Michael Jordan is NOT perfect, he's REAL. He can be vindictive, petty, and sometimes really mean, but he's REAL. And I'll take that every day of the week instead of the social media posturing I see from everybody else." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary and some of the media backlash that Michael Jordan is taking at the moment, with some sportswriters saying that the 10-part series is pulling back the curtain on some sort of mischievous character that we hadn’t seen before.

Check out the video above as Colin vehemently rejects that notion, and says it’s refreshing to see a ‘real’ larger than life superstar who isn’t just masquerading as someone who their not to impress the public.