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Dallas Cowboys Fans Continually Overrate Dak Prescott

Ben Maller: “If you put Andy Dalton and Dak Prescott side by side they’re almost identical as players. Cowboys fans don’t like to hear that because of the ‘perception’ of Dak Prescott. The LEGEND of Dak Prescott and the REALITY of Dak Prescott are two different things for the Cowboys hardcore fan. Let’s go to the numbers. So Dak Prescott averages 21.3 completions, and Andy Dalton averages 20.7. Passing yards per game Dak averages 9 yards more than Dalton. Dak averages 0.3% fewer interceptions than Dalton, and the sacks are exactly the same; they’ve averaged 2.1 sacks per game. In other words, Andy Dalton and Dak Prescott are within a ‘whisker’ of each other in terms of productivity on the field… Dak has got a 10-14 record against winning teams!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why the perception of Dak Prescott according to Dallas Cowboys diehards is much greater than the reality of Dak’s actual talents, as Maller believes Dak at most is a ‘whisker’ better than recently signed backup Andy Dalton.

Check out the video above as Maller details why Dak and Dalton are almost identical players, and says Prescott hasn’t played well enough good teams (10-14 career vs. teams with a winning record) to warrant being one of the league’s highest paid players like he believes he should be.

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