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COVID-19: College Football Could Have 2020 Season With Many Schools Absent

Colin Cowherd: "Could you see a conference not having every school involved in a season?"
Urban Meyer: "I actually could. Everyone hopes that doesn't happen, but you need college football... It’s going to be state by state and I’m real intrigued by how they move forward with this. You take the SEC, obviously top to bottom the strongest conference in America, which have areas that have not been hammered by the virus and they wanna go play football. It would be hard to say ‘don’t play’ and I can't imagine that scenario. It’s going to be state by state, conference by conference, and team by team as this thing moves forward, and I've listened to a few calls about that, and I believe there's a chance it could happen." (Full Video Above)

Listen to three-time National Champion head coach Urban Meyer join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd why he’s been hearing chatter about college football playing its 2020 season without all members included.

Notre Dame's athletic director recently stated that he believes conferences will not be playing simultaneously in 2020, and thinks conferences up north could begin their seasons much later than conferences down south, if at all.

Meyer says a conference like the SEC would be a lot more inclined to play football considering the southern United States has been hit with coronavirus at a monumentally lower rate than the Northeast in states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Meyer says the Big Ten could still have a season in theory without a school like Rutgers, which is located in central New Jersey.

Check out the video above as Meyer explains what he’s been hearing around college football, as the NCAA faces many more catastrophic financial consequences for a fanless season than professional leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA., as many believe a cancelled 2020 college football season would bankrupt a massive amount of sports programs.

ESPN's Paul Finebaum believes the NCAA will not conduct a season if it meant not having fan present in the stadiums.