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Cowboys Signing Andy Dalton Was One of the Best Moves of the NFL Offseason

Cowboys Signing Andy Dalton Was One of the Best Moves of the NFL Offseason
RJ Bell: "Andy Dalton is potentially not that much worse than Dak. And I get that there's a chance that something happened to Dalton that last year represented that we have no idea, and it will just continue. And if so, okay. But when you're getting him for $3 million, whereas Philip Rivers is $25 million, Jacoby Brissett $16 million. Jacoby Brissett for 5 times as much or Andy Dalton? Brissett never had a year that's come close to Dalton's 4th best year. And then you look at someone like Nathan Peterman, who may be the poster child of bad quarterback play, let's be candid. $2.1 million. So for $900k more you get Andy Dalton? This is one of the great signings the Cowboys, or any team has done, in my opinion. And I don't understand why Andy Dalton took the deal."

Listen to RJ Bell explain why he thought Andy Dalton’s deal to the Dallas Cowboys was one of the best moves of the NFL offseason as Bell believes Dalton agreed to an astronomically low deal for a player who is right around the same skill level as Dak Prescott, Bell said.

This comes just a year after Jacoby Brissett signed a $16 million per year deal with Indianapolis. Bell finds it comical that Brissett would be viewed as ‘5 times better than Dalton’ who signed for a base salary of $3 million.

Even infamous backup Nathan Peterman signed a $2.1 million deal with the Raiders last month, which is just $900K lower than Dalton.

Check out the audio above as RJ raves about how underrated the deal was.