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COVID-19: Adam Silver's Leadership Flaws Could Doom Chances of NBA Return

Colin Cowherd: “According to Woj, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is not testing asymptomatic players in the NBA because he’s worried about how the ‘imagery' looks that they are hoarding tests. Whaaat? Similarly, a report this morning says Dana White and the UFC have 1,200 corona tests, they're fighting this weekend, and they don’t care what you think. People on Twitter pray on the weak and Dana White doesn’t give a rip what you think. The sports with a backbone and good leadership – NASCAR, UFC, WWE, NFL – those are the sports that are like ‘listen, these are BILLION dollar businesses, get us tests!’… This constant imagery of Adam Silver walking on eggshells around players and owners comes off as weak. Roger Goodell has strong leadership. He got blow back on free agency and he didn’t care – it was a home run. He got blow back by NFL reporters on the Draft and he didn’t care – it was a home run. It’s called strong leadership. You gotta have a backbone during this stuff because they're shamers and heat-seeking panic missiles all over the internet. Block them, mute them, and don’t listen. We’re not going to have zero cases, there’s going to be deaths and it stinks. You can't sit around and worry constantly about perception… Companies with strong leaders are going to flourish in this thing… Adam Silver’s concern with ‘imagery’ is the kind of stuff that makes me think the NBA season is over.” (Full Video Above)
Doug Gottlieb: "Adam Silver is rightfully concerned about the health of his players but so much so that it's overwhelming his ability to get the NBA to move forward...This is about leadership. You don't have to like Goodell, but he's doing a better job than Adam Silver." (Full Video Below)

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Doug Gottlieb explain why they believe Adam Silver’s lack of leadership could doom the chances of an NBA return, as both Cowherd and Gottlieb don’t think Silver has the unapologetic gumption to resume the NBA season in the face of public backlash relating to the coronavirus pandemic.