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Trevor Lawrence is a Much Better NFL Prospect than Joe Burrow

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Burrow is a nice quarterback prospect but he’s not nearly as talented as Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence. It’s remarkable to me that because Joe Burrow, on a significantly better team at 23 years old, beats a 20-year-old Trevor Lawrence with an inferior team, you can really say Burrow beat Lawrence 'head-to-head'. Not a single GM I know thinks Burrow is a better prospect than Lawrence. Burrow is a fifth-year, 23-year-old senior who didn’t do anything [at Ohio State], and couldn’t beat out JT Barrett and Dwayne Haskins… Trevor Lawrence is bigger, stronger, better arm, bigger hands, and a better athlete. Everything... To say that Joe Burrow beat Trevor Lawrence head-to-head proves anything is like asking if Nick Foles better than Tom Brady" (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss recent comments ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper made, as Kiper said he thinks former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is a better NFL prospect than Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, and mentioned the National Championship Game as one of the biggest reasons.

Check out the video above as Colin vehemently disagrees with Kiper, saying that he doesn’t believe there’s an NFL GM out there who actually believes this, and says Lawrence not only played for an inferior Clemson team facing off vs. one of the best college teams ever in LSU this year, but says Lawrence is better at ‘everything’ than Burrow.