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Earl Thomas After Affair Ends in Gunpoint: 'Stuff Like This Happens, Bro'

Earl Thomas: “So my agent just hit me and said Imma be on TMZ tomorrow for my altercation that happened with me and Nina. Just wanted to get ahead of it and it’s really nobody’s business. It pisses me off that it got out but that’s the world that we live in today. Instead of talking about this, just keep us in your prayers. Stuff like this happens, bro. We try to live this life as best as we possibly can but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Just pray for us as we go through with this stuff. We’re back talking, I’m seeing my kids, just so keep us in your prayers.”

NFL All-Pro safety Earl Thomas uploaded a bizarre video to his personal Instagram account Wednesday night that had him admitting that TMZ was about to be breaking a story regarding an altercation with him and his wife Nina, but did not get into any specifics of what that 'altercation' entailed.

Thomas would later become one of the biggest stories in America the next day on Thursday when it was revealed he had been held at gunpoint by his wife after she allegedly found him in bed with another woman, in an unprecedented chain events that was much crazier than your average infidelity.

In the Instagram video he would later delete, Thomas said he was trying to ‘get ahead of it’ by beating TMZ to the news leaking of the wild April 13th domestic incident with his wife. Thomas is mostly vague in the video, and remarks at one point ‘Stuff like this happens, bro’ and ‘It's really nobody's business.'

We would obviously later find out that Thomas was intertwined in one of the craziest sports stories of all time.

Thomas' wife Nina was reportedly looking through Thomas' phone while he wasn't present at their home, and she found recent snapchat videos on Thomas' phone that included intimate videos of Earl with another woman. Included with snapchat's personal settings, Nina was able to obtain the exact location of where the video was taken.

Nina then decided to hunt down Thomas’ location with two other friends, also carrying a 9mm Beretta with her. They group would later barge into the residence and allegedly find Earl in bed with the woman.

TMZ’s Evan Rosenblum detailed the absurd story moments after the news first broke late Thursday night on The Jason Smith Show, and moments after Thomas’ acknowledged it on Instagram.

“She [Earl Thomas' wife] told police that she got into his snapchat app, and started looking through his snapchat videos, and found a video of Earl with another woman. Apparently, through the snapchat app you can also find out the specific location of where these videos are shot, and when she saw the address of Earl and the other woman she called up two of her friends and said ‘We are going to this home and we are going to confront them right now. And oh by the way, 'we’re going to get my gun and go scare him.’ So she rounded up two of her friends, one of them married to Earl’s brother, and they all agree to go over to this home. When they all arrive they barge in the door, and according to the police report, to witnesses, and to Nina herself, she pulled out a 9mm Beretta, went and found Earl in bed with another woman, and said ‘The safety is off. If you come any closer I’ll shoot you.’ And then she saw other women in the home and said ‘I got something for all of you hoes.’ Cops talked to Nina, and she admitted to putting the gun to Earl’s head with the ‘intent to scare him’. She stated that she took out the magazine thinking that the gun could not fire, and admitted to disengaging the safety, but she was unaware that the gun had a round in the chamber... Earl was able to wrestle the gun away from Nina before she squeezed the trigger.” (FULL Interview Below)